Wire Toys by Pete - Wire cars & other wire toys for kids of all ages      ABOUT Wire Toys 

                                            ABOUT WIRE TOYS by PETE
         Wire Toys are extremely detailed and realistic renditions of real cars 
         and other real life objects.  They are diversified and intended to meet the different
         needs of people.  Wire toys are for the aspiring mechanic, the car collector, or just 
         for hours of fun play.  Wire toys are safe for children and entertaining for kids of 
         all ages.  They can easily be adapted with a remote control mechanism for races 
         and other more sophisticated automobile adventure.  There are no small parts, 
         no loose wires, and no sharp edges.  Wire toys are virtually unbreakable.  The specific
         design and the art of creativity and workmanship required to produce wire toys 
         cannot be compared to the current toys and gifts market.  
        Wire Toys are individually created by the artistic and talented Pete who has 
        been creating wire toys since his childhood.  Pete hails from the Sunny Caribbean, 
        where as a youth he practiced his craft.  Pete was very popular in the neighborhood 
        as a toy repairer and was a resource for his friends.  Pete has been improving his craft 
        for several years and in late 1999  began working on his toys in his garage in St. Petersburg, 
        Florida.  Friends and family have enjoyed and encouraged Pete to take his "hobby" to the 
        next level.  Pete will create the custom toys for you, just ask him!   Some of the wire toys  
        that Pete has made include Vans, Cars,  4 X 4's, Trucks, Airplanes, Boats, Remote Control 
        Wire Vehicles, '57 Corvette, Motorcycles, Volkswagons, Dune Buggy, etc.
        If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please contact Pete at
        (727) 831-7420